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Picture of Gilles Depypere

Gilles Depypere

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Research Manager AI Lab

Being both a researcher in AI Lab and a teacher at Creative Technologies & AI, Gilles strives to obtain as much experience as possible in all different fields of Applied AI Research. Focusing on AI modeling and data preprocessing, he makes the link between research and education in the fast-changing world of AI. His main topics of interest are Computer Vision, Energy and Time Series forecasting and Generative AI.

Picture of Esli Heyvaert

Esli Heyvaert

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Lecturer data engineering & infrastructure engineering

Passionate about data and infrastructure engineering, Esli is a dedicated lecturer and proud professional nerd. He thrives on staying at the forefront of technology, whether it's building robust data pipelines or optimizing infrastructure for scalability. Let's shape the future together, one line of code at a time.

Picture of Nathan Segers

Nathan Segers

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Lecturer XR and MLOps

Combining AI and XR research with teaching at Howest MCT, offers Nathan the best options of both worlds. Doing innovative research in MLOps and quickly delivering it to the students is a great combination. His specialities include Lifelong learning, MLOps, Mixed Reality, Full Stack Web Development, Docker & Kubernetes and DevOps.

Picture of Jens Krijgsman

Jens Krijgsman

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Automation researcher

A full-stack researcher with a strong grasp of both front-end and back-end development. A passionate automation enthusiast and love working in environments that use MLOps, AIOps, and DevOps tools. This passion is driven by their love of learning new things, making sure they always know the latest advancements in the IT world.

Picture of Jens Eeckhout

Jens Eeckhout

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AI & XR researcher

Jens Eeckhout is an XR Developer with an interest and passion for AI. During his bachelor studies at Digital Arts & Entertainment Jens came into contact with the possibilities that game technology can offer for industry use-cases. After starting as a researcher at DAE Research, he transferred in 2022 to our team to combine his knowledge of Game/Immersive technologies with AI.

Picture of Lore Leenknegt

Lore Leenknegt

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Applied AI Researcher

Specialized in computational modeling, Lore likes to apply her knowledge of mathematics, physics and AI to different areas like energy management, bio-sciences, and cyber security. In addition, she likes to spread her enthusiasm for sciences and technology to the general audience.

Picture of Thijs Pirmez

Thijs Pirmez

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Android & iOS developer, AI researcher

Thijs Pirmez is an Android and iOS developer, as well as an all-around AI researcher. He embarked on his technology journey as a self-taught coder, and from that point onward, he has never looked back.

Picture of Kyra Van Den Eynde

Kyra Van Den Eynde

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AI/CS Researcher, AI Lead

Kyra Van Den Eynde has a bachelor's degree in Cyber ​​Security and one in Artificial Intelligence. Within Howest's research groups, she therefore mainly focuses on projects that investigate what the added value of AI could be for today's cyber security. In addition, she mainly has a background in computer vision, but also does general AI projects.

Picture of Lise Vanhoutte

Lise Vanhoutte

Administrative Officer

In a data-driven world that is constantly changing, our administrative assistant Lise makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Her organisational skills support our team of passionate experts in applying AI to solve challenges. With her help, we can fully focus on developing and implementing the latest AI innovations and what benefits it can bring to your organisation.