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  • ICON: Rethink Energy 4 Food

    ICON: Rethink Energy 4 Food

    The aim of RE4F is the energy transition in the Flemish food industry. It focuses on energy and food process technologies that improve the energy transition, product quality and production efficiency, and promotes knowledge exchange, innovation and sustainable technologies.

  • PWO: PUW!

    PWO: PUW!

    Gifted students in Flanders often fall behind despite emphasis on excellence. This project creates a new way to measure their well-being. It combines surveys with sensor data (e.g., app) for a more accurate picture, avoiding limitations of self-reporting. Advanced analysis (AI) will help understand their needs better.

  • TETRA: Metatec

    TETRA: Metatec

    Metagenomics or metagenome analysis is the study of all DNA present from an isolated sample and involves the simultaneous identification of multiple (micro-)organisms for numerous applications. DNA sequencing technologies have made it possible to obtain the complete DNA of uncultivated microorganisms.

  • TETRA: Versnellen van AI Implementaties

    TETRA: Versnellen van AI Implementaties

    SMEs struggle to navigate AI for energy efficiency despite its potential. This project bridges the gap between research and business, empowering SMEs to make informed choices about integrating AI tools for a smoother digital transition.

  • PWO: AID

    PWO: AID

    AID or generative AI in design tries to create a guideline of how generative AI could be used inside of the design sector. Combining multiple disciplines inside Howest to get a broad spectrum of ideas and possible use cases to help with creating a guideline of how to ethically and correctly start with generative AI