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AID or generative AI in design tries to create a guideline of how generative AI could be used inside of the design sector. Combining multiple disciplines inside Howest to get a broad spectrum of ideas and possible use cases to help with creating a guideline of how to ethically and correctly start with generative AI

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    Internal Howest funded project

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    More than 15 companies in user group

At Howest we invest into internal projects that could have a large impact into private sectors or possible in education. With AID both of them are targeted. With the recent changes of generative AI people are trying to adapt to it as quickly as possible. This is also the case in the design sector. With this project we try to create a guideline, handbook of how you could go about using these generative AI tools in the design process. Where does generative AI fit in into the double diamond structure, what is ethical use, is it possible to train your own model,… these are some questions asked inside the project.


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    Jens Krijgsman, Automation researcher

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