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TETRA: Versnellen van AI Implementaties

SMEs struggle to navigate AI for energy efficiency despite its potential. This project bridges the gap between research and business, empowering SMEs to make informed choices about integrating AI tools for a smoother digital transition.

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Role of Howest

"Integration of AI -tools for energy applications"

Companies realize that further digitization is necessary to continue innovating, growing, and making their processes more efficient. However, businesses are increasingly questioning how they can be supported in the energy transition without incurring significant costs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be a solution, but due to lack of knowledge, it is perceived as overly complex. Moreover, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) lack the expertise or time. As a result, the added value of AI tools cannot be accurately assessed, and no progress is made.

We aim to support and enable SMEs to make informed choices in their digital transition. Specifically, we want to bridge the knowledge gap between the research and business worlds. After discussions with companies, it is evident that there is significant interest in this topic. Several enterprises are joining the EnergAI project because they want to gain deeper insights into AI integration and the necessary support needed for it.

Role of Howest

The general objective of this project is to support Flemish energy companies in the development and implementation of AI tools to enable energy optimization and coordination between different assets in multi-energy systems. More specifically, the focus is on two themes, namely 'predictive maintenance' and 'predictive flexibility'. Both techniques aim to further optimize business operations and ensure continuity.


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    Jens Krijgsman, Automation researcher

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    Nathan Segers, Lecturer XR and MLOps

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    Gilles Depypere, Research Manager AI Lab

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    Lore Leenknegt, Applied AI Researcher

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